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It's that know when you use a pencil, a tablet, a pen, Photoshop, yeah. You know. Art?

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I dreamt I was a moron...
United States
Current Residence: Finally home... <3
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small? lol I'm tiny as hell.
Print preference: Idk...? o.o
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, rock, hard rock, metal, alternative, progressive, classical.
Favourite photographer: Not sure...
Favourite style of art: I'm partial to digital as it's my own personal medium choice, but I do love colored pencil
Operating System: Windows 8? lol It's what I use anyway.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Do the fuck what? o.o
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I'm in the mood for it to be.
Skin of choice: Same as the above.
Favourite cartoon character: Does anime count? Sesshoumaru and Kikyo, Ed Elric and Winry Rockbell, Princess Jasmine, and Ariel.
Personal Quote: "Tears are words the heart can't express." - Gerard Way

Which Kingdom Hearts Character Are You Most Like

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 1:31 PM

Which KH Character Are You Most Like?


[x] You show kindness to others without expecting anything in return.  
[ ] You have been called naïve.
[ ] Not much brings you down; if it does, you bounce back quickly. 
[ ] You aren’t one to sweat the small stuff.  
[x] You value your friends above all else. 
[ ] You feel inferior to one or more of your friends.  
[ ] You make friends easily. 
[ ] You enjoy social interaction.  
[ ] You are highly curious.  
[x] You want to see the world.  
Total: 3


[x] You feel caged.  
[x] You’ve made mistakes, but are trying to repent for them.  
[x] You don’t like taking credit for your own accomplishments.  
[x] You can be a bit arrogant.  
[x] You prefer to make contributions behind the scenes over being in the spotlight. 
[x] You aren’t always confident in yourself.  
[ ] You try to do things for the greater good, rather than the immediate welfare of others.  
[x] You are moody.  
[x] You don’t like telling others about yourself. 
[ ] You are hard to read.  
Total: 8

[x] You are rather passive.  
[ ] You depend on your friends.  
[ ] You find yourself getting into trouble a lot.  
[x] You are not originally from where you are today.  
[x] You are supportive toward your friends.  
[x] You feel helpless sometimes. 
[x] You worry about your friends often.  
[x] You feel like you get left behind. 
[ ] You trust your friends completely.  
[ ] You believe that hugs solve everything. 
Total: 6


[x] Sometimes, you don’t feel like you belong.  
[ ] You’re a little spacey.  
[x] You are sarcastic. 
[x] Your feelings overwhelm you.  
[ ] You don’t know what you want.  
[x] The last thing you want to lose is your friends.  
[ ] You feel pressured to conform. 
[x] You have high expectations placed upon you.  
[x] You are generally moody with occasional fits of rage. 
[x] You are confused about yourself.  
Total: 7


[ ] You are shy
[x] You are easily happy around friends
[ [ You question your existence
[x] You feel lost and confused at times
[x] You are willing to sacrifice yourself for others
[ ] You enjoy collecting seashells
[x] You can be somewhat fragile at times
[ ] You are not an outspoken person
[ ] You would go against those you care about if felt necessary
[x] You dislike being alone
Total: 5

[x] You are an older sibling figure to your friends
[ ] Your personality has changed because of your friends
[x] You keep your thoughts to yourself
[x] You try to save your friends no matter what
[x] You are a laid back person 
[ ] You only let your friends see a side of you others don’t
[x] You have lost many friends in the past
[ ] You are considered as the “prankster” of the group
[x] You do not like to talk about your past
[ ] You keep your friends close and your enemies closer
Total: 6

[x] You get lonely often.  
[x] You have been used before. 
[ ] You don’t speak up much.  
[x] You find drawing to be relaxing.  
[x] You’ve made some big mistakes, and don’t expect forgiveness.  
[x] If you mess up, you try to clean it up yourself. 
[x] You feel trapped by your superiors. 
[x] You feel misunderstood.  
[x] You sink into the background, even if you don’t want to. 
[x] You have low confidence and self-esteem.  
Total: 9

[x] You are stubborn. 
[ ] You are somewhat gullible. 
[x] You are fiercely loyal. 
[x] You resent authority.  
[x] You are protective of your friends.  
[x] You view fear as a weakness. 
[x] You feel like you mess everything up. 
[x] You have been manipulated.  
[ ] You have ignored sound advice and suffered the consequences. 
[ ] You can be a bit closed-minded.  
Total: 7

[x] You can be childish.  
[ ] You tend to see things in black and white. 
[x] You are friendly. 
[ ] You can be a bit meek.  
[ ] You feel like something’s missing.  
[ ] You crave the feeling of belonging.  
[x] You feel inferior sometimes.  
[x] You try to make the right decision in any situation, even if it does not benefit you.  
[x] You would never intentionally hurt anyone, whether they had hurt you or not.  
[x] People sometimes condescend you.  
Total: 6

[x] You tend to be the voice of reason. 
[ ] You are exceedingly mature.  
[ ] You are usually tranquil. 
[x] You always try to help anyone in need.  
[x] You get flustered at praise. 
[x] You can become somewhat melancholic.  
[x] You naturally fall into the place of a maternal figure toward your friends.  
[x] You try to fix everything.  
[ ] You value authority and the rules highly.  
[x] You are infuriated by injustice.  
Total: 7

So for me it'd go
Makes sense to me!

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: KH Dream Drop Distance Soundtrack
  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Heartland
  • Playing: KH: Dream Drop Distance
  • Eating: Twix
  • Drinking: Water

If I made more dangly Final Fantasy chibis like the one of Squall I made, would you be interested in buying one if I decide to sell? Please comment Yes or No and if you pick Other please comment who you'd like to see if you were interested in buying one. 

6 deviants said FFVII: Tifa Lockhart
5 deviants said FFX: Yuna
5 deviants said Other
3 deviants said FFVIII: Squall Leonhart
2 deviants said FFVII: Cloud Strife
2 deviants said FFVII: Aerith Gainsborough
2 deviants said FFIX: Zidane
2 deviants said FFIX: Garnet
2 deviants said FFX: Tidus
1 deviant said FFVIII: Rinoa Heartilly




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