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I'm Sorry Sarada by SassyLilPanda
I'm Sorry Sarada
Okay so I read the first chapter of Naruto Gaiden. I also read the interviews that follow, so before the comments start up, NO. KARIN IS NOT SARADA'S MOTHER. SAKURA IS. IT HAS ALREADY BEEN CONFIRMED. So please don't do it, okay? 

Edit: Since people want to be direspectful little fuckheads and come onto my artwork telling me she's Karin's kid... 

Read this:… this interview came out AFTER the chapter was released. Words from Kishimoto HIMSELF:


What about Sarada?

Kishimoto: あんまり可愛い感じではなく、少し暗めで芯の強い感じにしようかなと。僕の中だとサスケ の女のバーションです。ただ、サスケみたいな女の子だとちょっと怖いんで、サクラ的な要素も入れてます。メガネの子って 外すと可愛いとか、普段はそういうイメージで語られやすいんですが、メガネのままでも可愛くなるようなデザインを心掛けました。服はサクラの雰囲気を踏襲していく感じですね。

She doesn’t give off the impression of being overly cute. Rather, she might give off the sense of being a little bit dark and lost with her strong heart. In my head, she’s the female version of Sasuke. But since a Sasuke-like girl is a bit frightening, I also input some components that are Sakura-like. When she takes off her glasses, she’s cute. It was always that sort of image that’s easily spoken about. While wearing glasses, I aimed for her to have like a cute design. The impression of her clothes emulate an air of Sakura’s style.


Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter, Sarada. The coolness aspect of her was inherited from her father. Did she also inherit his kekkei-genkai (/bloodline limit)!?


The symbol of the Uchiha clan’s family crest is embroidered onto her tunic.

サスケとサクラの間に生まれた子供。インテリ風のメガネを掛け、知的な印象に。髪は短く、サス ケと同じ黒髪 。

The child who was born between Sasuke and Sakura. She wears glasses that are in an elite and sophisticated-like style, so it gives off the impression of her being intellectual. She has short hair and the same black hair as Sasuke.

Now that that is off my chest... 

First and foremost I’m not going to apologize for this because this is what I want to see happen. I doubt it will, but who knows right? xD I sketched this last night really late and woke up today, it’s pouring down rain outside so I decided to color it. Hope you guys like it! Sasuke is telling Sarada he is sorry and after she gets over her initial anger towards him and it turns to just wanting to be held by her dad, she rushes into his arms in tears. I really want to see a great relationship dynamic between this father and daughter. So badly. I can't hate Sasuke. I can't bash him the way others right now, simply due to the fact that WE DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH! We don't know WHY he left and has been gone for so long, nothing. So before I jump on the "let's accuse Sasuke of being a deadbeat dad" bandwagon, why not wait til we get more chapters and more info, huh? Anyway, so yeah. Here you go. Some father/daughter angsty dynamics. Enjoy! :aww:

Oh and btw, Sarada is my favorite character in this series, right up  next to Sasuke. :D

If you idiots are gonna come on here running your mouth about her being Karin's child, you're gonna get your fucking heads bit off and then blocked. I don't appreciate the disrespect on MY artwork.
Our Day on the Beach by SassyLilPanda
Our Day on the Beach
Sasuke and Sakura’s day on the beach! I got inspired by a drawing of Kishimoto's in the artbook as well as by a super cute gif set on tumblr and so I just had to draw this! He is twirling her in case you couldn’t tell. I made the sketch earlier, but I needed to color it. It was begging me to color it. Aren’t they adorable! Ah I love this couple so much! I like to think that after the war, they are really happy, even though Sasuke isn't the type to outwardly show his happiness, he feels it when he is with her. Sakura is his happiness. It was actually stated in the guidebook that Sakura was the only one who could fill his lonely existence with love. Had his thoughts not been on revenge back then, well, I truly believe they would have fallen for each other sooner. Though I think he's always had special feelings for her. 
Because He Loves Her by SassyLilPanda
Because He Loves Her
Ahhh I've had this sketched for awhile, but I BADLY wanted to color it! This is a scene that takes place in one of my oneshots I wrote. If you wanna read it you can go here…;
but this is Sasuke and Sakura sharing their first kiss. His turban has been removed from his head because in my story Sakura pulled it off so she could put her hands in his hair. I hope you enjoy this! :D I had fun playing with this different angle! 
Holding Sarada Page 5 by SassyLilPanda
Holding Sarada Page 5
Ummm… so yeah. This happened. It’s based off of a drawing I made the other day which I added into this and am working on coloring actually. It’s really sketchy and whatnot. I didn’t wanna go all out on it. But yeah. My headcanon that Sasuke cried the first time he held Sarada after she was born still stands. I've seen it so much from other people too that it just stuck with me. Makes sense honestly. Hope you guys like it! Read left to right. I didn’t make it left to right this time. I wasn't paying attention lol. Whoops.

Page 4: Holding Sarada Page 4 by SassyLilPanda

End! :D Hope you enjoyed! It was just a doodly comic thingy. 


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Update on my broken wrist

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 7:59 AM

Sorry it has taken so long to get back with everyone. It's been a bit of a stressful week what with the horrible weather and temperatures we've been having. So, I went to the doctor on Friday of last week and had new x-rays taken. Turns out that my wrist is actually in fantastic position and that I do not need surgery! :) The doctor told me that he couldn't better position my bones even with surgery, so hooray! There's some positive news there. I go back this coming Monday and I get my full, plaster cast on. It will be sometime in early-mid February when I have it removed according to my Orthopedic doctor.

Afterward, I will need to go through a few weeks of physical therapy to regain full use of my wrist again. So, I still have a bit of a road ahead of me. However, when I get my cast on, I will be able to do some light, gentle riding! Yay! I still can't hold a pencil properly to draw or move my thumb without pain to play a video game yet, but I can ride one handed or with no hands at all. ;) I'm getting better about using my left hand for things and I can use my right hand a little more that what I was able to, but not by much. I can type with my right hand on my laptop, albiet very slowly. My arm gets tired fast when I do. I can hold my phone with my right hand and use one finger on it.

My hubby has been an amazing, fantastic help to me during this time because there are various things I still cannot do with just one hand. It's proved to be a difficult journey. I just can't wait til I get my cast on so I can ride. I'm going stir-crazy not being able to do any of the things I love. I've been watching a lot of Netflix and anime. Rewatching Inuyasha, catching up on Supernatural, and rewatching Heartland amongst various movies and stuff on Netflix lol. It sucks and I get bored fast, but yeah. I'm managing. I just hope I can still draw like I used to once I have full use of my wrist again. *sighs* That scares me so much.

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If I made more dangly Final Fantasy chibis like the one of Squall I made, would you be interested in buying one if I decide to sell? Please comment Yes or No and if you pick Other please comment who you'd like to see if you were interested in buying one. 

6 deviants said FFVII: Tifa Lockhart
6 deviants said Other
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1 deviant said FFVIII: Rinoa Heartilly

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